I wanted to make an album like they used to make in the old days. You know? An album of tunes that made you feel good about life, your loves and about yourself. I wanted an album that makes me, and you, feel “Fundanatural,” when it is listened to. This is it.

I coined the term “Fundanatural,” after hearing Toploader’s “Dancing In the Moonlight.” I was driving up the Welsh boarders, around Abergavenny, where the radio reception is terrible. When the song came on and he sang “It’s such a fine and natural sight, when we’re dancing in the moonlight,” I heard “It’s such a fundanatural sight, when we’re dancing in the moonlight.” Oh well, it’s a good word.

What does ‘Fundanatural’ mean? Well, if I tell you that an hour and a half after the video for Fundanatural went on Facebook my sister, who I haven’t seen in 32 years, got in contact with me and we are now in touch and our families are reunited, that is Fundanatural. I hope you enjoy the album and the concept.

Click here for the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n7GsuOhbasI

...And they all came to play on Fundanatural.

Fundanatural has so many wonderful, world class and world rated musicians playing on it. These guys have played with music legends like George Michael, J.J. Cale, Percy Sledge, Robert Cray, Happy Mondays, the Doobie Bros... Wild, eh? The list goes on and on. The musician’s playing styles range far and wide from classical orchestras to jazz to acid to... well almost anything you care to like.

...And they all came to play on “Fundanatural.”

They came from all over the world: The USA, Italy, Bosnia, Northern Ireland, Wales, Northumberland and, of course, Manchester. Finally, their ages range from 14 (Peter Moore, BBC Young Musician of the Year 2008), to 56 (not saying who it is, but it isn’t me, honest).

...And they all came to play on “Fundanatural.”

Fundanatural would not have been possible to do without their help and it could not have been anywhere near as good without them. Thanks to all of you. You are all of you, the finest musicians I have ever played with and it has been a privilege.

And what a joy it was! I made lots of new friends like Danny Montgomery, Deni Pavlovic and Lea Mullen. I met some great people who like the album too. Great people. Can’t wait to do it all again.


Nick Hewyn Holmes.

The Fundanatural Musicians:

Danny Montgomery: Drums.

Ben Wiltshire: Bass, double bass, vocal harmonies, harmonica and weird popping guitars.

Alan Arthur: Lead guitars.

Lea Mullen and Chris Cruics: Percussion.

Dave Moore: Flugel horn and Trumpet.

Peter Moore: Trombone.

Howard Woolley: Piano, organ and keyboards.

Deni Pavlovic: Hand claps, additional keyboards and backing vocals.

Nick Hewyn Holmes: Lead vocals, Taylor 814CE acoustic guitar, backing vocals and harmonies and additional lead guitar.

Recorded at The Loudhailer Studio, Manchester. www.loudhailer.com

Engineered by: Deni Pavlovic at The Loudhailer Studio.

Produced by:  Deni Pavlovic, Carol Thompson, Nick Hewyn Holmes and Ben Wiltshire.

Mastered at Metropolis, London by Hippy Andy.

Cheers Andy for the beaudaciously good job you did. and also for giving me the prefect excuse for using the word, beaudacious, which I have always wanted to use...

All songs (c) 2010 Nick Hewyn Holmes.

Web design: Nick Hewyn Holmes.

Photography: Michael Vicente (apart from the rubbish ones which were taken by me...)

Beaucoup thanks to the guys at the Manchester UK Apple store (Mark “Staggman” Stagg, Dan, Melissa and Andrew and Jack.

Huge thanks must also go to Mark Megson, who helped me to rediscover a dream. Thanks Mark.

Of course, none of this would have happened without Carol. Thanks Carol. X

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